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Mother's Day

Over the years, I’ve discovered Mother's Day cards are an excellent teaching tool, as well as an opportunity for the students to learn about famous women in history. 

To begin the lesson, students develop a list of positive character traits. I’ve listed some excellent sites below. Next, they research famous women in history and make a list of what traits those women possessed. This can either be done as a group or as a class project. 

After the research is complete, I ask each student to look at the traits and make a list of those traits their mother or other caregiver have, as well as list the other famous women who shared those traits. 

When this research is completed, which usually takes about two days, I give the students card stock and coloring tools to create their Mother's Day cards. On the front cover is a list of the famous women with a greeting such as “You are Famous, Mom.”

On the second or inside cover, students list the character traits they found. Older students may even be able to provide an example of each significant woman's trait with a quote or summary of her deed(s). 

On page three, the student writes “Happy Mother's Day” and lists the favorable traits their mother has and what other famous women share that trait. 

When the card is done, I check it over for accuracy and offer suggestions as needed. The result is a unique and highly appreciated Mother's Day card. Depending on the student, the project should take a couple of periods for the research and a period for the artwork and finalization.