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Art Integrated Lesson

Objective: To combine art and social studies to develop students' critical thinking skills in a fun, interesting and active manner; create diagrams from information and use them to develop sports team uniforms.

Web sites: Use the sites listed in sports + games for research on existing sport teams and their uniforms.


  1. Students start by discussing which colors they like to wear and then proceed to make a list of which colors the various teams would likely wear.
  2. Have students get color information about every team in every sport via the sites listed in sports + games.
  3. Next students chart the data and make a Venn diagram of the colors used.
  4. Using this information, have students design their own shirt from brown paper shopping bags.
  5. Or, add to the fun by having a teacher lie on the floor on a folded piece of butcher paper and tracing around the body. Students design and color the uniform on this template. Then students staple outside the lines by three to four inches as they stuff the folded over butcher paper with old newspapers. The result is a human sized "doll" wearing the uniform they designed. Make 10 to 12 per classroom, and it really adds spice to the class.