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In April, we introduced our Teacher Appreciation Giveback Program in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the educators we so proudly serve. The program includes a 15% premium credit on two months premium because customers are driving less. All active customers with an in-force auto insurance policy during March or April are eligible, subject to the regulatory approval of each state.

Premium Credit FAQ

What changes have been made to the premium credit?
Credits will be applied to your policy by September 30, 2020 instead of at renewal. This means you won’t have to wait as long to receive your credit.

How much is the premium credit?
The credit is 15% of two months of auto premiums for eligible auto insurance customers calculated on your state’s premium average and is subject to regulatory approval.

Who will receive a credit?
All active auto customers with a policy in-force at any time during the months of March and April will receive a premium credit to their policy, except where state regulations apply*.

Do I need to be an active customer to receive my credit?
Yes. To receive the premium credit, you must be a current active customer at the time the credit is applied.

How and when will I receive my credit?
The premium credit will be applied to policies automatically by September 30, 2020. In California and New Mexico, credit will be applied mid-August to comply with state regulatory requirements. Once the credit is applied, you will receive amended policy documents reflecting the credit.

Will I receive a credit on all my policies?
You will receive a premium credit on any eligible auto insurance policy with Horace Mann.

Do I need to do anything to receive my credit?
No. There is no action required to receive this credit.

What if my policy is already paid in full?
If your policy has already been paid in full, we will apply the credit amount directly to your policy where state rules and regulations allow or issue a check. If you have additional questions about your account specifically, please call us at 800-999-1030.

What happens if I have made changes to my policy during this time that affected my premium?
Policy changes will have no impact on credit received. The 15% premium credit is calculated on state premium averages.

How will this affect my payroll deductions?
As a convenience to school district payroll offices, we will make attempts to reach policyholders with email addresses on file to offer alternative accommodations for issuing your credit. To ensure your email address is up-to-date for this outreach, please login or register now to update your profile.

*California policyholders are eligible for premium credit regardless of policy status for the qualifying months.

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