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Classroom Fun·da·mentals

Issue 4- September 2014

Poetic license

Issue 3 - August 2014

math class

Issue 2 - August 2014

Classroom Fundamentals

Issue 1 - July 2014

Classroom Fundamentals Absence - July 25 2014

At Horace Mann, our focus is on educators.  Because we want to better understand educators, we ask them to be a part of our Educator Advisory Panel, where we routinely ask for feedback via online surveys.  If you're interested in being a part of our panel, click here to sign up.

On our most recent survey, we asked questions like “What are the funniest things a student has ever said to you?” and “What are the funniest things about being a teacher that no one on the outside could ever possibly understand?”  From these answers the Classroom Fun·da·mentals comic was born.


Kevin Atterberry

The very talented artist/illustrator of our “Classroom FUNdamentals” comic is Kevin Atterberry, Senior Design Consultant at Horace Mann.  He’s been with the company for 15 years focusing on graphic design.