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Instructional leaders key to successful open and close to school year

Posted on June 29, 2014 by Rebecca Hagerman

Key to successful school yearThis week, our ReachEveryChild bloggers covered the beginning and the end of the school year in their posts.  Jaime Vandergrift wrote about professional development via summer reading using the Voxer app.  Dr. Justin Tarte, our newest ReachEveryChild blogger, gave readers five steps to make the upcoming school year the best year yet.  Kathy Rusert listed several ways she develops relationships with each new school year's class of students.

Below in the Huffington Post article "School's Out for the Summer: Which Means Some of the Real Work is Happening Now," author Karin Chenoweth knows "some of the hardest work of educators is being done" during the summer months.  

A former principal told Chenoweth the most crucial components to a successful school year happen to be the "opening and closing a school.  If you don't get that right -- along with all the other -- you are doomed."  It's also important to note this former principal took a high-poverty, low-performing school in Pennsylvania and transformed it into a school that equaled or excelled most middle-class schools in the state.  

The article discusses what important steps instructional leaders should take at the end of the school year, including working with teachers and other staff, to determine plans for the future.  Give this article a glance, and let us know if and how you're working on any new goals, PD or changes in your school.

School's Out for the Summer: Which Means Some of the Real Work Is Happening Now

For the most part, kids are out of school for the summer, which means now is when some of the hardest work of educators is being done. As one former principal told me, two especially important elements characterize a successful school year: "opening and closing a school.

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