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Could failure be a successful alternative?

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Sandy McCollum
Does responsibility always trump timeliness?  Is it better to insist that homework be turned in on time, or to give the student the chance to turn it in late but learn the material?  Which is failure and which is success?

“I've grown the most as a person in the spaces where I had the biggest permission for failure,” writes John Spencer in an article on character education.  He continues the searching-for-success theme in if you want to build grit, don't focus on grit.

The article below by Laura Fugate takes a real-world look at the success and failure conversation regarding grades.  

Teaching Responsibility or Giving Permission to Fail

Sandy McCollum is a writer with three children: two grown and one about to graduate from college. Each of her children succeeded because a teacher stepped in and helped at a critical time.

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