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Build and expand lessons with free printables

Posted on May 15, 2014 by Alan Haskvitz

Free printablesI find printables are excellent for starting and expanding lessons. In the past, I was able to find hundreds of sites offering free materials, but lately this number has dwindled.  Now most sites at least require registration, and some want a small fee.


One of the best things about ReachEveryChild is that the site does not require registration or fees, and that makes it a unique and valuable site. Furthermore, it’s dedicated to helping teachers and open to sharing resources. No wonder it’s among the longest lasting educational websites on the Internet, even predating Google.


Most of the sites I share below offer printable material for primary and elementary students and a number are related to holidays. If you have some time, I recommend you visit each of these sites. To assist, I’ve provided further information about some of them.


Alan Haskvitz teaches at Suzanne Middle School in Walnut, California, and makes staff development presentations nationwide. He serves as an educational consultant, curriculum developer and author.

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