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Blueprint helps schools reduce bullying

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Rebecca Hagerman

"No single practice stops cruelty, but a combination of proven strategies used by committed staff trained in anti-bullying will maximize impact." - Dr. Michele Borba

As an educational psychologist and former classroom teacher, Borba was the driving force behind "Ending School Violence," the anti-bullying policy signed into California state law in 2002. She provides a blueprint to help schools establish their own policy and activities that support the policy. Also, you can catch Dr. Borba's speech about the 6 R's on YouTube.

6 Essential R's to Reduce School-Wide Bullying

The best way to reduce bullying is not with a one-time assembly or a poster campaign, but with homegrown, data-driven, sustained efforts by a caring, committed staff -- a model I call the six R's, a blueprint for effective bullying prevention. I've shared this model with hundreds of educators worldwide, and on U.S.

Do you have a policy in place at your school? And if so, does your administration or counselor have a support plan to help everyone understand it? Is there anything you would add to Dr. Borba's blueprint? I'd love to hear your experience with an anti-bullying policy and get your feedback. Comment below and let me know!

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Rebecca Hagerman is a 30-something social media liaison for Horace Mann, blogger and mother to two school-aged boys.  

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