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Amazing August #edu posts you may have missed

Posted on September 3, 2014 by Nicholas Provenzano

Time for review

I'm sure most of you were busy in August getting classrooms and buildings ready for the school year.  In case you went "off the grid" while preparing for this time of year, I've found a few posts you might have missed that are worth checking out.

How to get kids to talk about school: what every parent must know from Teach Mama - Amy Mascott

Finding out what happened at school can be a chore for some parents. Their children are tired and they might not want to go over the little details over their day. I’m sure there are plenty of times where parents would not want to relive their work day minute by minute. Amy does a wonderful job explaining how to let the children share what they did in school. Not surprisingly, listening play a big role in getting kids to open up about their day. With school in full swing, now is the perfect time to find out how to get the kids talking.

What If Every Teacher Tweeted? by Te@chThought - Terry Heick

Here is a wonderful post to share with those educators who have not started using Twitter. Terry does a great job sharing some very positive reasons for teachers to engage on Twitter. Teachers give many reasons  for not becoming part of the social media educational community, but Terry does an excellent job listing all the great reasons to engage. There are many posts on why teachers should use social media, but this fresh take could be just the thing a hesitant teacher needs to read to take the plunge.

Creating a Safe and Secure Password by Bulldog Bytes - Beth Still

Creating a safe and secure password is something that everyone should take very seriously. Too often, I encounter students who have the same password for all of their online accounts and it has something to do with their birthday. After shaking my head, I try and explain to them the value of a different password for different accounts. Beth does an excellent job explaining the value of creating these different passwords and sharing some easy tips on creating a unique password only they will know. Take a look at this and pass it to everyone you know who might need a password update.

We’re Better Together by The Colorful Principal - Ben Gilpin

The value of connecting and working together is still something that many educators have not embraced. It can be very tough to change the way a teacher thinks about engaging other educators. The system has been set up for independence for many years, and it can be tough to break the mold. Ben shares his thoughts on the value of making connections and working together after having attended a leadership conference. He explains the value he found in making new connections and exploring how these new friends can help him become a better educator. This school year, it would be great to see more educators embrace the idea of connecting and collaborating as part of professional growth.

Designing PD this year? 3 Things You Can't Afford to Forget by Teachers as Technology Trailblazer - Dr. Kristen Swanson

The start of the school year means the start of PD for teachers. This can often be a bit of a nightmare for some teachers who are looking for more personalized PD as they strive to grow professionally. Kristen offers some great tips on how to engage educators in great PD during the course of the school year. The biggest part of her great advice is the value of social elements to professional development. Some of the best PD I have ever been part of have had social elements. Getting together with colleagues and sharing what was going on in our heads was a great way to get ideas out there in a more relaxed setting. The “sit and get” model of PD is not gaining in popularity or effectiveness, so new strategies are always welcome.

These are just a few of the great posts in August that are worth sharing. Make sure to check out older posts as well to find other great nuggets of information that might have been missed. If you have any great posts or blogs that you think are worth sharing, feel free to tweet them out to me at @TheNerdyTeacher, and I can share them with others and save them a spot on this blog. Have a great school year!

Nick ProvenzanoNicholas Provenzano is a high school English teacher and an education blogger. He writes on his website,,, the ISTE blog,  to name a few. He has been featured on, The New York Times, Consumer Report, and many other media outlets. In 2013, he was awarded the Technology Teacher of the Year by MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning) and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) based on his efforts to integrate technology into the classroom. Nicholas is also the Evernote Education Ambassador and does consulting work for many edtech businesses and school districts. He can be found tweeting plenty of nerdy ideas on Twitter at @TheNerdyTeacher. 

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