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Parent-Teacher conferences: Tips and Plans

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Alan Haskvitz

Parent teacher conferencesThe parent-teacher conference is the single most important way to build a solid relationship for the future of the student. For some, this may be the only time to learn in greater depth about the student and to build a strong bridge between home and school. Unfortunately, this opportunity can be lost if the meeting is one directional only -- meaning the parent or teacher takes command and allows for little meaningful dialogue.

That is why I highly recommend all parties bring a list of topics to discuss that contains a prognosis for future action, should it be necessary. Several good resources cited below offer help in this regard, as well as for dealing with parties who use the conference as a diatribe. After the meeting, I also urge a follow-up discussion to gain feedback about the ideas agreed upon or suggested at the meeting. This can be done through a phone call or e-mail. Teachers should document all discussions with parents for future reference.

A quality parent-teacher meeting results in a plan of action, sharing expectations, and the solicitation of ideas and needs. Using such a meeting simply to impart test results is of no value unless it results in plans to improve or maintain those results. A parent being told their child is in the lower 40 percentile for a subject needs to know what this means, what was tested, and how to make improvements.

These resources may help:

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Alan Haskvitz teaches at Suzanne Middle School in Walnut, Calif., and makes staff development presentations nationwide. He serves as an educational consultant, curriculum developer, and author.

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