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Skype: A You-Are-There Teaching Tool

Posted on April 19, 2012 by Alan Haskvitz

The most useful free tool for education today may be Skype. This service can use existing phone lines, but works best with an Internet connection. If you add an overhead projector, the whole class can participate in talks with artists, writers, university professors, other schools and scientists around the world. Skype makes learning real in real time. Students can ask questions, get answers immediately and learn how to take notes while taking part in conference calls. 

Because the calls are in real time, I suggest students use only one computer, the teacher’s, to ask questions. I also suggest a web-camera be used by the artist or other contact person, but it could be optional by the teacher.

Check out some of these valuable sites before using Skype. Remember, Skype does not require a technological gift. It is simply a phone call with or without a web camera -- low cost, effective and students can greatly benefit. I recommend students submit a list of questions to the teacher beforehand and complete pre- and post-assignments.

Beware that some contacts offering lessons in subjects such as Spanish want money for the lessons. However, this is the exception and easily checked with a free call. Also, you need to learn about Skype credits.

Skype Free

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Skype in Schools - This is a wiki site, so beware that there are a variety of ads in the margins. That being said, the site has been used by a lot of teachers. Find contact e-mail addresses and ideas.

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