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Music teachers – this one’s for you!

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Alan Haskvitz
In addition to your lessons, make sure you check out all the great free websites that you can use with your students.  Here are some great sites that not only have music, but show students how it is created and even how to play certain instruments.

General music sites

Classics for Kids

A great site for older students, it has folk music instruments, composers from the past and even games. If you are in the Cincinnati area, you can even have your own radio show.

Creating Music

Try this “online creative music environment.”

Free Kids Music

In alphabetical order; you can play these songs for your class.

PBS Kids Music

This site has both songs and lyrics from the PBS Store -- all free.

Sing-Along Songs

Find lots of lyrics in alphabetical order.

Although music has an impact on the mind, little evidence exists showing it improves students’ success overall. However, research does indicate music has benefits in certain situations. Take your pick of the research and do your own study.

Research about music in the classroom

Does Music have an Impact on Students’ Development?

A survey article on positive effects of music


Harvard study with mixed results

Music Education Can Help Children Improve Reading Skills

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