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Make the most of maps

Posted on March 1, 2012 by Alan Haskvitz
Geography is an excellent way to integrate math, science, social studies and, of course, teachable moments. With declining funding, a source of useful, printable maps is a must, and these sites offer them. I highly recommend Google Earth if you have an overhead projector, so the class can more vividly see locations.

Digital Vector Maps- Free outline maps -- cities, countries, and more

Enchanted Learning Geography- Great site for younger students, but some items require membership. Find lots of free materials.

Geography World - Lots of links -- includes sections for games, maps and more

Google Earth- Free download

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century- Difficult to master as well, but there is a lot here, especially for world history and older students.

HyperHistory Online: Maps - You need to click on maps in the menu and then click on the time period. With a good selection from world history, it’s excellent for world history classes.

Map History/ History of Cartography- Mainly maps no longer current, but it’s a great way to study early world history. Site has more than 5,000 annotated links.

Mapping-for-everyone- A great site -- students can compare places they have lived with heart attack rates and toxic release inventory. They can make a demographic map and more. This site is an exceptional way to create interest in geography.

Mapping History- From the OSSHE Historic Atlas Resource Library

Mapping the Holocaust- An animated presentation filled with information, it is a must watch for students studying this event. For all ages, but especially grade four and up.

Maps and Geography Lesson Plans- A huge map collection including satellite images provides lessons for every level. Site includes craters and geology, too.

Mr. Donn Map Skills - Map skills activities and lessons -- a lot of them

National Geographic Maps- Maps and more -- includes lesson plans by grade level. Try the Map Machine; connected to the Geo Bee Challenge. But site takes a while to navigate.

Open Directory: Geography- Get links to a huge number of maps in several languages, too. Specific areas target older students, such as urban planning and human geography.

Outline Maps

Periodical Atlas of Europe- A great site for the study of Europe because it has maps showing how it has changed over the centuries -- for older students.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection -This great collection in Texas includes oil spill, current and historical maps, more for older students.

Quia Geography- Geography games and quizzes

SCORE Map Resources- From California, these sites are aligned with that state's curriculum. Use the search engine to find specific maps; good for all grade levels.

Social Explorer- Site is difficult to master, but worthwhile as it has current and past census data.

The Traveler IQ Challenge- Fun and easy-to-use interactive map site

U.S. and World Geography Free Maps- Find a large collection of printable maps by geographic area --current maps only.

Worldatlas Outline Maps- Printable maps and quiz site offers free maps -- easy-to-print and individualize.

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