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Using Bloom's taxonomy for your classroom

Posted on May 19, 2011 by Alan Haskvitz
Bloom's taxonomy has long been cited as a way to encourage students to learn in depth. It lists a hierarchy of skills that can be used to stretch student minds and develop a variety of activities.

Essentially, two forms exist: the original form and an updated one. Regardless of which one you use, Bloom’s offers a way to differentiate learning and show mastery of material at a variety of levels. This should increase the depth of learning.

I even use it for students to describe the type work they would like to do on a subject given that the higher the Bloom level, the higher the grade. It works.

Assessing Gifted Students Using Bloom’s Taxonomy­- Very brief

Bloom’s Circle Printable Poster- I find this one very effective because it offers more specific examples in each area.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Chart - A good poster you can print out of Bloom's Taxonomy activities

Bloom’s Taxonomy Google Search- Images for Bloom’s -- find a variety showing the same things in different formats.

Critical and Creative Thinking - Creative thinking ideas related to Bloom

The Taxonomy of Learning and Benjamin Bloom- Read an article explaining Bloom, his work and how it has been modified -- very interesting and provides some good insights for the teacher.

Teaching with Classroom Response Systems - Using clickers in the classroom with Bloom -- for literature

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