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Remembering the Holocaust

Posted on April 25, 2011 by Alan Haskvitz
Studying the Holocaust is not just for history classes. It’s also a great opportunity to teach students about bullying, teachable moments and government. These lessons provide free resources that enable educators to create Holocaust lessons in language arts, critical thinking, history, geography and more. I highly recommend you check out the Anne Frank links and the children of the Holocaust sections as they provide a more personal viewpoint of the holocaust that students can relate to.

Holocaust Activities - Student activities by age level

Holocaust Education for Children: Lesson Plans- Lesson plans by grade level; requires a book or poem to be read to the students

Auschwitz Alphabet

The Holocaust – Facing History and Ourselves

Major selection of resources

Teaching the Holocaust- Ten lessons

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

WatchKnow Holocaust- Great list of quality free videos about Holocaust

Primary Resources

Children of the Holocaust- A very compelling site that puts a “face” on those who were killed by the Germans

Education World: Nazi Concentration Camps

History of the Holocaust Time Line

Holocaust and Resistance- For older students, this site shows how the Jews fought the Germans and includes a timeline.

Holocaust Enrichment and the Internet- A diverse collection including personal remembrances

Holocaust Lesson Plans

Holocaust Lesson Plans and Curricula- Many lesson plans from the Holocaust Teacher Resource Center

The Holocaust's Legacy- For older students, this complex series of lessons provide students with a variety of opportunities to understand the effects of the Holocaust and more.

Investigating the Holocaust: A Collaborative Inquiry Project- For older students

Nazi Concentration Camps - For older students, they find and identify some of the many “camps.”

Southern Poverty Law Center- SPLC has excellent resources on hate groups. Its Intelligence Report, a magazine, is an eye-opener for students as it lists the hate groups by name and location. Order a copy -- it is worth it.

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust- Get student activities and teacher resources for teaching about the Holocaust -- good articles and well organized.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust -- Children

Anne Frank

Anne Frank- The major site

Anne Frank in the World Teachers Notebook

Anne Frank Videos

Anne Frank Webquest

The Ultimate Diary Lesson Plan: Anne Frank- Great unit on Anne Frank; integrated for middle school and high school students. Lots of links and lessons

The Truth about Anne Frank - An extensive and long series of lessons for older students.

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