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Get mostly free apps for teachers

Posted on March 9, 2011 by Alan Haskvitz
Using applications in the classroom is very challenging, especially with nearly 40 students in some rooms. I suggest you only use one and hook that up to an overhead for sharing. It would be nice to build learning centers around them, but monitoring them would be a huge challenge.

Another item to consider: why use an iPod/iPhone or Android version when a computer is just as easy? The answer is in the various applications and the ability for cell phones to bypass overly restrictive school board web washers. However, be sure you have previewed the material to make sure it is safe to use.

The future is clearly in your hands, pun intended, and the creation of applications is just beginning to show some maturity. For the most part, apps are silly games or material you could easily live without. But in some cases they offer a change to add depth to lessons, make individualizing a lesson easier, and save on the cost of supplementary materials. And, if you find a good one, just e-mail me your find by going to the home page and clicking on my name.

Apple offers some discounts, but these may end without much warning.

Android applications for teachers

Read books on the web -- excellent for teachers without classroom sets or for extra credit or remedial assignments.


Turns an iPhone into a book reader

This online-based test generator allows teachers to create quizzes and more; it includes free and pay sections.

CliffNotes to Go
Read quick/simplified versions of classic literature.

This great site enables teachers to share ideas, resources and lessons -- exceptionally useful.

Send work to be checked for plagiarism; however, it takes a while to master.

eBooks by Shortcovers
Get essays, short stories and books.

Try this improvement over Twitter for teachers and students to share information -- private.

Education – App Store Downloads on iTunes
More Apple iPod apps for teachers; some of these cost, but the variety is unmatched.

Excellent site with study guides for many language arts lessons -- audio, too.

50 Educational Apps for the iPod Touch

Find millions of copies of original historical documents located in the Library of Congress and other government resources.

This sharing site for most curriculum areas offers the fun of seeing what other teachers are doing. You can make your own multimedia presentations online.

This app allows you to keep track of your calls, which is ideal for parent conferences and other matters that need confirmation.

Free application list site

Mainly encyclopedic type facts related to history

iPad Apps for Autism

iPod touch in Education

Information on all U.S. presidents

Help explain some difficult science and math principles. No interactivity.

Challenges your brain.

Mocha VNC
iPhone users can connect to a selected computer.

Plagiarism Detect

Watch educational videos on the iPhone

Quick Voice
Enables you to record your thoughts

Top 50 Free Education Apps
From Apple

Top 10 Apple iPod Touch Apps for English and Language Arts Teachers

Top 10 iPod Touch Apps to Use in Math Class

20 Amazing iPad Apps for Educators
How to incorporate iPad applications into your classroom routine -- some are free and some have a charge.

Helps you memorize lecturers and more.

Why an iPod Touch in education?
Top Apps for Educators--Note that this list does have applications that have a nominal charge as well.

Words of the World
Will share a new word in six different languages daily

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